"Girls have to fight against a lot of the same stuff we did growing up…peer pressure, exploitation, etc. But what worries me the most is this trend that caring about something isn’t cool. That it’s better to comment on something than to commit to it. That it’s so much cooler to be unmotivated and indifferent. Our culture can get so snarky and ironic sometimes and we kind of wanted Smart Girls to celebrate the opposite of that."

Amy Poehler, on empowering you girl thru her web-series, “Smart Girls At The Party.” (via camewiththeframe)

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"This world that we’re bringing children into where girls are more self conscious and terrified than they ever have been and then people say, “Oh, these girls are so fucking slutty! What are they doing now?” and it’s like, they’re damaged, terrible, ruined people that are over stimulated, and constantly surrounded by people more beautiful than them. They have magazines that make them hate themselves that are promoting musical artists that then sell songs that say ‘I love you.” in them. Do you know why all these songs about why “I love you! I love you!” are selling so well? ‘Cause these girls need that so desperately because they feel fucking hated by everything."

Bo Burnham on WTF with Marc Maron (x)

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