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forgive the academic intrusion, but God, I love Bakhtin

"Degradation and debasement of the higher do not have a formal and relative character in grotesque realism. ‘Upward’ and ‘downward’ have here an absolute and strictly topographical meaning. ‘Downward’ is earth, ‘upward’ is heaven. Earth is an element that devours, swallows up (the grave, the womb) and at the same time an element of birth, or renascence (the maternal breasts). Such is the meaning of ‘upward’ and ‘downward’ in their cosmic aspect, while in their purely bodily aspect, which is not clearly distinct from the cosmic, the upper part is the face or the head and the lower part is the genital organs, the belly, and the buttocks."

-Mikhail Bakhtin. And Michael Scott.
Ever since I began my university education almost three years ago (!!!), Bakhtin has been way up there on the list of “dead Russian theorists who fascinate me.” Another tidbit I’ve learned: if it includes the word “grotesque,” it’s probably going to be interesting.

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sometimes i have thoughts, but other times i don’t take myself seriously at all.

after that last post, i need to decompress by LOLing forever at .gifs, let’s be real, this what Internet was invented for.

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