Just a quick message to high school kids who feel like complete and utter nobodies:

So you may not be Prom Queen. In fact, you’re pretty sure the one guy who asked you to prom hasn’t showered in weeks. You’re quiet, and you’re certain that the only time you’re the center of attention is when you’re embarrassing yourself by tripping in the hallway or suggesting a feminist interpretation of “The Lottery,” which your teacher promptly shuts down (okay, what this really means is that you’re ahead of the curve, and you should consider studying literature in college. English is so much more delightfully bizarre during your university years, I assure you). You live in Suburbia-Or-Nowhere, Generic-Midwestern-State, and hell, it looks like you ain’t goin’ anywhere. Your daddy certainly isn’t rich enough to get you the heck outta Dodge, nor are you pretty enough to cinch that modelling contract and move to the Big Apple (eh, one can dream). Sometimes you wish that you could just run away from everything with The Doctor himself.

Well, that’s not going to happen. So here’s what you do instead.

Be patient, and work hard. Excel at what you know, whether it be studying, creating art, or kicking butt at your favorite sport. This will help you earn a respectable scholarship for university, which is the starting point to change your life.

Sure, rewards aren’t reaped in a day, and in this culture of Wikipedia, it’s difficult to live without instant gratification. Remember, though: good things come to those who wait. Who knows? One day, you might find yourself studying at the University of Cambridge. On a brisk January day, a stranger might stop you on the street and tell you that you’re beautiful (even though you’ve felt nothing more than Plain Jane for your entire life). Later that night, you might learn that you’ll be spending your 21st birthday in Paris (Paris!). Trust me: you don’t need a funny man in a time-travelling blue box to find yourself in fantastic places. And your life still won’t be perfect, but by God, it’ll be¬†good, and you’ve worked hard to deserve it.

Just so you know: this is all coming from a rather cynical young woman who rolls her eyes at just about any clich√©¬†inspirational message she’s read. But this is also my story, and I suppose it’s nice to prove myself wrong sometimes.

Cheers. xx