i need to read up on my Freud

Maybe one of his crazy-ass theories can explain to me why as soon as some guy’s Facebook status changes to in-a-relationship, I’m like, “honey, please. You’re gonna be mine,” even though I was entirely uninterested (revolted by him, even) when he was pursuing me as a single man.

Why does this phenomenon exist? Why am I only attracted to men I can’t have? There has to be some sort of bizarre psychological explanation for this, because rationally this makes no sense.

My little sister Julia (bottom two photos) is a junior in high school. I think she looks like a young Yvonne Strahovski. Did you know that Yvonne’s original surname was Strzechowski? She’s Polish, just like little Julia & me, which is probably one of the reasons that she and Julika look similar.

Things that freak me out: Julia is seventeen, and which means that I’m just about twenty-one, and shouldn’t I have my life figured out by now, and by God if I hear, “What’s a nice, pretty girl like you doing without a boyfriend? You don’t have too much time left!” one more time I might just build an Intersect so I can download it and kick some ass, and of course I have time left (Jesus! I just started this decade of my life), but more importantly why can’t people understand that I’m not a people person: I truly am happiest when I’m on my own?

In the end, it’s thoughts like this that are going to hurt my mother, and that’s the last thing I want to do.

Julia’s tumblr.