In the next week, this blog is about to undergo some MAJOR changes.

I won’t tell you everything, but I will say that the reasons are both professional and personal. So, here’s the short version: I haven’t been updating my study abroad blog for a while, which is largely because I thought I lost my mojo. I was having trouble creating my experiences into stories— but what I did notice was how much pleasure I got typing up (currently unpublished) movie reviews, social observations, and all-around pop culture commentary.

So instead of pining over my loss of ability to write a story, I’m going to publish on topics which I enjoy. I hope the more I write, the more I will be able to stretch myself creatively, and eventually, I’ll return to my roots: a good story.

In any case, this is all to say: expect some kinks on my blog for the next few days.  Time for a MAKEOVER.

I plan on updating InTransit too, but probably not in the way you expect. So stay tuned, you Saucy-Faces!

(…forgive me. I just read Pamela for supervision, and my, my, that book is essentially just a collection of vulgar names to call those devious women-folk.)

Because Cambridge Deserves Its Own Blog

"I follow a number of blogs because I like reading insights into lives of people completely different than my own. I enjoy well-written stories of real, however distant, people, and the Internet has provided a platform for us to share these stories in a world that has become much, much smaller."

I switched my studying-in-Cambridge blog (for this year! excuse me while I hyperventilate) from Wordpress to tumblr. I’ve been working hard writing posts, and already have a few up. One of these posts is a defense of blogging (quoted above) with examples of brilliant blogs to follow, if you’re into that sort of thing. I’ll still keep up with this blog in true, tumblr, micro-blogging form.

So, as it goes with desperate and shameless self-promotion on the Interwebz, please follow if you’re at all interested in reading stories about my life studying abroad in Cambridge, England.


Cambridge: my home sweet home in two months.