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favorite female comedy duos

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"I don’t get it. That’s like someone being like, “I don’t really believe in cars, but I drive one every day and I love that it gets me places and makes life so much easier and faster and I don’t know what I would do without it."

—Amy Poehler on celebrities who shy away from the word “feminist.”

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Words of wisdom from Amy Poehler

"girls, if boys say something that’s not funny… you don’t have to laugh"


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reflections on blogust

Putting out content every single day is incredibly difficult.

I began a blog this summer with the purpose of critically investigating pop culture, the arts, among other subjects, with particular focus on the potential political impact of the arts. I began the blog for a few reasons: I miss my university classes and wanted to give my brain a work out, I simply enjoy writing, but also because I’m on track to make a career out of writing. This is a way to help me build my portfolio—creating a brand for myself, networking…all of those words that I hate!

My blog, kasiaredux, wasn’t gaining a ton of traction for the first two months, so I challenged myself to blog every day in the month of August in a project that I called Blogust (dun dun, the wordplay gorl strikes again!)

The problem is (as my father kept reminding me on his trip up to Kansas City this weekend) that I also need to support myself. I have a full-time job, but paying rent, bills, and food eats up almost all of my money. I’m a  first generation American from a dirt poor family in Poland and Hungary, so I don’t have any help or inheritance or semblance of stability from my family. So I dutifully go to work, come home at 5, study for the GRE so that I can make it to journalism school, and then I write. And in the month of August, write and write and write and write. Then I get four hours of sleep, wake up, and do it all over again.

But I am so incredibly determined to realize my goals, even with my lack of resources and dumb pride that has prevented me from moving back in with my parents and saving money. Before, I’ve always struggled with the pressure put on me by my parents or professors along with my own, but this time the pressure is solely my own; I am propelling myself into full force to work as hard as possible because I’m intelligent and capable and I know what it’s like to work a full-time job that doesn’t give you any sense of fulfillment. It’s a killer of spirits, truly. This isn’t the American dream, this is my dream.

Jack Donaghy once said, “The first generation works their fingers to the bone. Second generation goes to college and innovates new ideas. The third generation goes snowboarding and takes improv classes.” Welp.

There’s also the fact that I moved into my new apartment at the beginning of August and didn’t have Internet for ten days (stupid, stupid Kasia), plus I had an unexpected Internet outage for the third week of August. So sometimes I just posted a link or some music because I had no other choice. Other times I wanted to spend a substantive amount of time researching a certain topic or post, but I only had a day to do so. Blogging every day whilst working 8-5 and prepping for grad school is a really bad idea.

But in true Kasia form, I did it, and I’m actually quite happy with several of my posts. My favorites: in one post about the Spice Girls and another about Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls at the Party, I argued that Girl Power is a legitimate form of  feminism, even with its pejorative connotations amongst the circles that mock it. In another post, I responded to a YouTube video by Rosianna Halse Rojas about graffiti and legitimate/illegitimate uses of claiming space, in which I expanded upon her argument by using theories of the carnivalesque. This is the sort of topic that I might bring up in a discussion in Dr. Cotter’s class, but part of my rationale for beginning this blog and bringing theory to the Internet is to democratize that which is generally limited to those with access to higher education.

These are the posts that make me giddy to write more. I kept myself busy during August, which was necessary. Here’s to September and my favorite season (season of mists and mellow fruitfulness), and more hard work, more determination.


Parks and Recreation filming outside Buckingham Palace
Everything about this photo makes me happy


Parks and Recreation filming outside Buckingham Palace

Everything about this photo makes me happy

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"Be easy on yourself. Have fun. Only hang around people that are positive and make you feel good. Anybody who doesn’t make you feel good, kick them to the curb. And the earlier you start in your life the better. The minute anybody makes you feel weird and non-included or not supported, you know, either beat it or tell them to beat it."

Amy Poehler

advice that some don’t figure out until they are 22

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